Who’s Who

You can contact many of the people shown below by email using our contact form.

Russell Dewhurst
The Revd Russell Dewhurst
Vicar of Ewell

Tel 020 8393 1297
Valerie Wood
Valerie Wood
Tel 020 8393 5991

Nicholas Allsopp
Sue Ayling
The Revd Sue Ayling
Assistant Priest
Tel 020 8337 6347
Patrick Miller
The Revd Dr Patrick Miller
Hon. Assistant Priest
Tel 020 8394 0970
Wendy Varney
Wendy Varney
Wendy Paxman
Wendy Paxman
Pastoral Assistant
Tel 020 8224 2851

Dorothy Baxter
Safeguarding Officer
Tel 020 8224 5035
Jonathan Holmes
Jonathan Holmes
Director of Music
See the music staff.
Lynne Yuille
Lynne Yuille
Parish Administrator
Tel 020 8393 2643

Kalli Pasqualucci
Social Media and Publicity Officer
Other clergy of the parish
The Revd John Baxter

Parish office opening hours are normally 9.30-12.00 Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri but please phone ahead before visiting as times vary and appointments are usually needed.

Parochial Church Council Office Holders
Representatives in the Deanery Synod:
Wendy Paxman
Humphrey Reynolds
Andrew Sykes

Representatives of the Laity:
Gill Bird
Kathie Burgess (Deputy Warden)
Noel Burns
Helen Crossley
David Dance
Mark Fitzgibbon
Charles Johnson
Angela Kelly-Burns
Miriam Massey
Valerie Smither
Linda Staff
Andrew Sykes
Tony Tucker
Secretary: Liz Divall

Tower Captain
Jeff Cousins

Noel and Angela Burns – main account
Miriam Massey – stewardship

Data Protection Compliance Officer
David Dance

Health and Safety Officer
Charles Johnson

Security Officer
Valerie Wood

Committee Chairs Churchwardens Emeriti
Children’s Support: Linda Staff
Estates: George Jarrett
Ewell Village Fair: Vacant
Finance: The Vicar
Health & Safety: Charles Johnson
Music: Linda Staff
Publicity: Vacant
Social: Rosemarie Henson
John Baxter
Kathie Burgess
David Crick
David Dance
Gilda Everson
Norman Hale
David Hill
Margaret Humphries
Evelyn Jarrett
Malcolm Lawther
Kath Murphy

The Congregation

Of course, the people listed above are just a few of the people who make up the family of St Mary’s. There are many other people who give of their time and talents to make St Mary’s what it is, and there are several congregations who worship at the different Sunday and weekday services.

Some of us have been worshipping at St Mary’s for many years; others are new to church, perhaps having joined the congregation after a wedding or baptism. Most of us live in and around Ewell, but a few of us travel from further afield to attend St Mary’s. Our congregation is made up of individuals, couples, and families of all ages and backgrounds, so whoever you are, we hope you will feel at home with us.

St Mary’s Ewell is registered as a charity under the name of THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL PARISH OF EWELL
Registered Charity No 1128409. View policies including data privacy notices