Weekly Notes for 8 July 2012

New website launched

St Mary’s Ewell has a new website! The new site was launched on 5 July 2012. We hope you like the new site and find it informative and easy to navigate. As with all new sites there are bound to be teething troubles to begin with, so please bear with us. If you would like to report any errors, or suggest any improvements, please contact Russell Dewhurst.

A big advantage of the new design is the ability for different individuals within the church to take ownership of particular pages within the site. Over the next few weeks we hope that church committees and groups will take responsibility for updating the relevant pages. This should mean that our website stays bang up to date and will reward frequent visits!

Weekly Notes for 1 July 2012

Music List – Trinity term 2012

1 July – Sung Eucharist at 10am with the Bishop of Guyana (note the time!)

Please note that this Sunday, 1st July, the main Sung Eucharist service will be at the unusual time of 10:00am.

The celebrant and preacher will be the Bishop of Guyana, and over coffee after the service we hope the Bishop will answer any questions about the parishes with whom we are linked in his diocese.

Weekly Notes for 24 June 2012

Weekly Notes for 17 June 2012

Weekly Notes for 10 June 2012

The Prayer List

You are always welcome to add names to the prayer list which are read out during Sunday services. Those who are sick, recently departed, and those whose anniversaries of death are remembered can be included via the Parish Office or through Russell, Sue, or Wendy. People often ask about some of the details so these two points may be of interest:

  • If you would like to check names or dates of the departed in the “year’s mind” book, it is available in the parish office.
  • Any names added to the prayers for the sick will usually be read out on Sundays for three weeks. After three weeks, their names will be moved to the prayer board in the side chapel. You are very welcome to ask for someone to be returned to the prayer list as soon and as frequently as you wish, but note that the default is three weeks.

The Old Church

A new book on ‘The Old Church of St Mary the Virgin, Ewell’, by parishioner and local historian Charles Abdy, is available for purchase in Bourne Hall museum, priced £1.60 each. It is a fascinating read and highly recommended.

St Mary’s Ewell is registered as a charity under the name of THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL PARISH OF EWELL
Registered Charity No 1128409