Growing as a Christian

Pilgrim Courses

We ran three Pilgrim Courses in 2015 for the first time, and they were much appreciated by all who attended. We will be running a course on the Ten Commandments next, on Wednesday evenings, beginning 2 November 2016. Find out more.

Quiet Days and Parish Retreats

A healthy spiritual life often needs time and space to pray and reflect. We organize regular quiet days in church (or sometimes away from home). These usually involve short talks or reflections, music and resources to read or look at, and plenty of time for quiet prayer.

Bible Reading Fellowship

The Bible Reading Fellowship publishes accessible and easy-to-understand notes to help you read the bible, a little bit each day. Members of our congregations can subscribe to Bible Reading Fellowship note through St Mary’s: please contact the Parish Office to find out more.

Baptism & Confirmation

We have another page that will tell you about the baptism of babies and young children at St Mary’s.

Baptism (also called Christening) can happen at any age. Our current Vicar was himself baptized at the age of eighteen, and it is increasingly common for candidates to be of any and every age!

The Church of England also encourages older children and adults to come forward for Confirmation (either at the same time as baptism or afterwards). Confirmation is administered in a service by the Bishop, with the laying on of hands and prayer. It is, if you like, a commissioning for the adult life of a Christian. Those who decide to be confirmed usually attend a small discussion group for a few weeks where they can learn about the Christian faith, and bring any questions they might want to ask, or matters to talk about. Please contact the Vicar to find out more about confirmation or adult baptism.

Getting More Involved

There are many ways to get more involved in the life of St Mary’s. For our church to do what it does we rely absolutely on the time and talents given by so many people. We are always hoping more people will want to get involved in church life. This might be as simple as helping out for a couple of hours at our annual Village Fair; it might be getting involved in our services in some way, such as reading or being a server; or you might like to join one of the groups and committees that put the various events and activities. Please speak to a churchwarden or a member of clergy who would be happy to explain more about how you can get involved. As many people will tell you, getting more involved in church life can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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