(First Sunday of the Month @11am)

On the first Sunday on the month at 11am we have our all-age family service, Praise@11. This service is a follow on from Toddle Up! It is a short and informal service, beginning with an activity, some praise and worship and followed by refreshments and a chance to have a chat and a play. At present we’re trying to get a band together to play at the service, if you are interested then please let us know!

We have also used the time to ‘beat the bounds of the parish’ or take a walk on the wild side, going outdoors and engaging with creation all around us. There are Praise@11 services for Mothering Sunday and Good Friday, and Praise@11 on Easter Day ends with an Easter Egg Hunt around the grounds of the church. This service is often accompanied by the piano and is a great way to build a stronger connection to God.


(This service is currently taking place via Facebook Live during the Covid-19 period, If you are interested in attending please check our website for dates and times.)


Making A Paper Boat