A Day for All

2 October 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Sue Ayling
020 8337 6347

The theme for this year’s community event is ‘Gifts from the Earth’. The plans, subject to Government restrictions, include a visit by Miller’s Ark Animals (who may be bringing sheep and goats), craft activities, gentle exercise, SWOP shop and a prayer corner. Photo, painting and the most amusing misshapen vegetable competitions will be held. As usual everything is free, including a bread and soup lunch and refreshments through the day. Any questions to Sue Ayling on 020 8337 6347 or assistantpriest@stmarysewell.com

Funny Vegetables Competition
Painting Competition
Photo Competition

Entry deadline Saturday 2nd October at 12 noon
Entries by hand delivery to St Mary’s Church LT17 2AY

Entry deadline Tuesday 28th September at 4pm
Entries by hand delivery to the Parish Room at the back of St Mary’s Church KT17 2AQ
on Monday 25th between 3-4pm or Tuesday 26th between 3-4pm.

Entry deadline Sunday 26th Sept at midnight
Entries by email to adayforall@stmarysewell.com

Entry Details

Entry Details

Entry Details