A Rocha ECO Church Bronze award

In line with the Environmental Policy at St. Mary’s we aim to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we practically can. We try to safeguard and nurture God’s creation and increase our community and global engagement, always endeavouring to balance our activities with the needs of our church members and the wider community.

We are registered with A Rocha as an “ECO Church” which follows the diocesan recommendations. The “ECO Church” scheme gives clear advice which we use to further our environmental objectives. Detailed guidance and suggestions are provided under the headings Worship and Teaching, Buildings, Land, Community and Global Engagement and Lifestyle. Registered churches can be recognized with bronze, silver or gold awards depending on their ECO-related actions and activities.

Awards are given once the required level has been reached under each of the above five headings. We aim to steadily progress through these levels and a target was
set in January of this year of achieving the bronze level within one year. We are pleased to report that St. Mary’shas now reached the bronze level.

Many congratulations to all involved. You can learn more about the ECO Church scheme at