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Data Protection

We are governed by the General Data Protection Regulation which came into force on 25 May 2018. Our two data privacy notices can be viewed here, one for role-holders and one for others. Role holders include office holders, employees, volunteers holding an ongoing role, and those with whom we have a contract. You can also view our main Data Protection Policy, our policy for the use of CCTV and our policies for email and video conferencing.

Photography policy

Photographs of church events are a wonderful record of special occasions, and help us to show the local community what goes on in our church. We are very grateful to everyone who sends copies of photographs to use for us to use on this website, in our parish magazine, on social media, and in other publicity.

We adhere to the photography policy set forth by the Diocese of Guildford. Those who attend services at St Mary’s are welcome to take photographs after services (e.g. baptisms and weddings) but not during these services. Official photographers may be taking photographs during some services and public events, and the consent of those who attend is assumed by their presence, to be used on this website, in our parish magazine, on social media, and in other publicity. At children’s activities which are not public events, parents will be asked to fill in Photo Consent forms if it is proposed that photographs will be taken. Images of individual children, and images identifying children are not used: if exceptionally they are, this is only done with full explicit written permission.

Lone working contact records

St Mary’s, Ewell, follows the Diocese of Guildford’s assessment process and record-keeping guidelines with respect to lone working (as published March 2015). Pastoral encounters, especially one-to-one contact with individuals, are recorded by members of our ministry team. Usually, it is only basic information that is recorded, i.e. the purpose of the meeting, time and place, who was present, and, when necessary, any safeguarding needs that arose. In line with the equivalent records kept in similar professions, these records are maintained indefinitely according to Diocesan Policy. Records are, of course, kept secure and confidential.

Key Management Policy

Financial Policies

Reimbursement of Expenses

Where expenses have been incurred on church activities they should be reclaimed using the Payment Authorisation /Expense claims form. Receipts/invoices should be attached to the Authorisation / Expense claims form. Expenses should be reclaimed within three months of being incurred.

If expenditure is within the approved budget for that activity only the budget holders signature is required unless the expense is for the budget holder him/herself.

If expenditure is outside of the budget or for the budget holder then the further authorisation of a church warden / incumbent is required.

Receipts of cash

Where cash is received from church activities it should be passed to the parish office or given to the treasurers for banking into the Barclays PCC of St Mary the Virgin Ewell Bank account or the Santander bank account within one month of receipt.

Cash received for the church should never be paid into an individual’s personal bank account for subsequent transfer by personal cheque into church bank accounts.

Email policy

Videoconferencing policy

Environmental policy

Health and Safety Policy

Whistleblowing Protocol