Beating the Bounds Parish Boundary Walk

Something for Everyone – including non-walkers!

Route details and options

This is a self-guided walk walked at your own risk. Full route – 8.6 miles, 13.8 kms, 70m of elevation gain.
A reasonable level of fitness is required. Note there are steps at points 6 and 8. Suggest you allow 4 hours to include for stops of 45 mins. Shorter route – 4.5 miles (7km) return to St. Mary’s after point 15.
Another possibility is to walk as much or as little as you wish. There is parking nearby for both the Nonsuch Pantry Café and Ewell Court Tea Room. Buses 406, 293 and 213 provide a Sunday service and could be useful depending on your plans. Please come along to support the walkers if you can. Bring a picnic or have lunch and/or tea and cake at one of the two cafés we will pass – the choice is yours!

Suggested refreshment stops are the Nonsuch Pantry Café and the Ewell Court Tea Room (which is scheduled to re-open in mid-April 2024). En-route Sainsbury’s and the Toby Carvery also have toilets.

Walk directions

  1. Facing the church turn left for 40m along London Road and turn left again down Mill Lane.
  2. At the bottom of Mill Lane cross Kingston Road taking the path next to the mill sign and be sure to cross the Hogsmill River.
  3. Follow the Hogsmill River and signs for the London Loop, and eventually crossing a hump backed bridge.
  4. Continue following the London Loop signs to a tunnel with a 5’4” height restriction sign. Go through tunnel under railway line.
  5. Immediately after the tunnel turn left leaving the London Loop path and follow a tarmac path. Continue straight ahead into Station Avenue.
  6. Continue down Station Avenue. Between No. 122 &124 turn left down a signposted footpath, crossing a railway bridge. Note approx. 30 steps up and 30 down. The path enters Old Schools Lane.
  7. Continue down Old Schools Lane. Pass Spring Mews on your left to the Bourne Hall one way system. Turn right here staying on pavement on right hand side and continuing along Chessington Road. Cross the road at the light-controlled pedestrian crossing next to Ewell West station.
  8. Go down steps into Gibraltar Recreation Ground. Follow the path passing the tennis courts to your right. Pass through the metal gates on your right and turn immediately left along the path to exit the park by the bright green gate into West Street. Turn right continuing to the end of West Street. DO NOT TAKE the path over the bridge but, keeping the bridge and railway on your right, continue along path straight ahead. This path bears left around the back of housing.
  9. Continue along footpath with Kiln Lane Sainsbury’s to your right. Potential toilet stop. The footpath continues straight onto Fairview Road and onto the main Epsom Road.
  10. Turn left to use pedestrian crossing to cross the A24 Epsom Road. Turn right for a few metres before turning left to enter Windmill Lane.
  11. Continue straight along Windmill Lane, over the railway bridge. Keep straight staying on Windmill Lane past Windmill Close on your left. Windmill Lane continues bearing left then right past St John’s Avenue
  12. Opposite house No 33 take a signed bridle path on your left
  13. Continue down this metalled bridlepath between playing fields crossing The Green and then Ewell Downs Road coming out onto Reigate Road.
  14. Use the light-controlled crossing to continue along the bridle path in the same direction along a clinker track between playing fields.
  15. At a crossing of paths continue straight ahead coming out on Banstead Road. Take care to cross Banstead Road to the pavement and turn left on Banstead Road. At the T junction with Cheam Road take care and turn left again into Cheam Road passing under the railway bridge.

    Potential toilet stop at the Toby Carvery (N.B. this venue is likely to be very busy on a Sunday, only pre-booked lunch diners are served, it is not possible to get just a coffee or drink)

    ONLY For the southern circular shortened walk continue along Cheam Road and the High Street and London Road back to the Church Hall

  16. Cross Cheam Road with care and turn right into Nonsuch Court Avenue. Take 1st right into Arundel Avenue. Continue up the hill on Arundel Avenue and near the end turn left into Castlemaine Avenue.
  17. Look out for Seymour Avenue and here turn right to a pedestrian entry point with signs into Warren Farm.
  18. Continue straight along this path reaching a signed junction of paths. Continue straight on taking a path that leads uphill. Keep on this path to reach the boundary fence of Nonsuch High School.
  19. Keep on the path following the boundary fence
  20. At the edge of Warren Farm area, turn left onto a concrete track for 100m. At the sign for the London Loop and board saying ‘Friends of Nonsuch Park’, turn right and follow track, crossing second concrete path to reach tarmac pathway. Cross this to join a wide dirt path which soon joins another track and bends to the right. Follow this path with benches either side as it continues to bend right. At a fork continue on the tarmac track past iron fencing on RHS. Proceed straight with Nonsuch Mansion on the right to the café area. Toilets are located to the left of the café.

    An alternative seating area ideal for picnics with its 44 south facing benches is located the other side of Nonsuch Mansion next to the high brick wall in the gardens.

  21. From the café retrace your steps following the blue sign to Ewell East and Epsom. Soon after the iron fencing finishes leave the tarmac track taking a wide well-defined dirt track slight fork right. This lengthy track gradually bends to the right, eventually coming to a long tall hedge on the RHS which continues to bend slight right. This eventually leads to a metalled roadway. Turn right and exit Nonsuch Park after the main car park to reach the A24 (London Road).
  22. Use central island on right to cross London Road.
  23. Turn right down London Road. Take 1st left into Briarwood Road. Take 1st left, Glenwood Road, continuing straight over the roundabout along Park Avenue West to reach Kingston Road.
  24. Turn right along the Kingston Road footpath. Use pedestrian crossing to cross road and continuing under the railway bridge.
  25. Between House numbers 255A and 257 turn left on a signed footpath (sign well hidden). At a junction of paths bear right with allotments on your right to reach a junction with Ewell Court Avenue
  26. Turn left to enter Ewell Court. Suggested stop – Ewell Court Tea Room which is scheduled to reopen mid-April. At Ewell Court House (Library) turn left through wooden gate into the park. Take the path down to the lake. Keeping the lake on your left, follow the path, keeping straight ahead as the path bears left over the Hogsmill. Follow the river. As path begins to bear right towards green fencing, turn left over narrow brick bridge.
  27. Cross the bridge to pass a EEBC sign. Stay on path until you pass through gate in chain-linked fence and then turn right to cross wooden footbridge.
  28. Turn immediately left on the path with the Hogsmill on your left. At a fork in the paths turn left, then down some well-worn steps.
  29. At a T junction turn right and then very soon after left, bearing round to the right and passing a notice board to exit the park into Green Lanes.
  30. Continue straight crossing a bridge over the Hogsmill river.
  31. Continue along the gravel path. At a T junction with a tarmac path turn left and rejoin the path through the tunnel, retracing your steps via The Mill and Mill Lane back to the start at St. Mary’s.