A message from the churchwardens

Following the announcement that Russell will be leaving St Mary’s in April, you are aware that we have had an on-line meeting with the Archdeacon to set out the process for appointing a new incumbent. The PCC, together with other key members of the team at St Mary’s, will be having an on-line meeting with Danny Wignall, the Mission Enabler from the Diocese, on Sunday 28th March. The purpose of this meeting is to review the hopes and aspirations of St Mary’s leading to agreeing our Parish Profile and Statement of Need, which will be the key documents for attracting a new incumbent with the necessary qualities for St Mary’s to flourish and grow in the years ahead.

Although it is not possible for all of you to participate in this meeting, we would ask for your thoughts and prayers to ensure that this stage of the process is successful and that we are truly guided in the right direction. However, once the draft Parish Profile and Statement of Need has been completed we will then be sending this out to the wider congregation for further consultation, to ensure that everyone is able to contribute to this process and that the final document is a true reflection of what St Mary’s is and wants to be in the future.

You can expect to receive further updates as things progress, at least on a monthly basis, not only in the Weekly Notes but also in the EPN and letter from the Ministry Team which goes out to those not able to access information in any other way.

If we are strong in faith, hope and trust, and also in our prayers for what we desire, it must surely become a reality.