Some ideas for Advent books

If you are looking for an Advent book to buy, here are some titles for you to consider. The One True Light by Tim Chester has daily readings from John’s gospel, In Touch with God by Michael Green and Rosemary Green (The Archbishop of York’s Advent Book 2017) has Advent meditations on biblical prayers. Journey to the Manger by Paula Gooder explores the various New Testament accounts with the help of a biblical scholar. If you enjoy poetry both haphazard by starlight by Janet Morley and Waiting on the Word by Malcolm Guite offer a poem a day from Advent to Epiphany. If art is your thing have a look at The Art of Advent by Jane Williams (The Archbishop of York’s Advent Book 2018). Wake Up to Advent! by John Sentamu (The Archbishop of York’s Advent Book 2019) is a book with both Biblical readings and personal stories. A different approach is found in Walking Backwards to Christmas: An Advent journey from light to darkness by Stephen Cottrell, now Archbishop of York.

For families look at A Jesus Christmas by Barbara Reaoch or, if an activity sticker book appeals, A Christmas Family God Venture by Victoria Beech.