This page is a work-in-progress, on which we intend to make available various policy documents agreed by St Mary’s PCC, and other documents.


The Parish of St Mary’s, Ewell is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of the children within our church community, and also to encouraging an environment where all people and especially those who may be vulnerable are able to worship and pursue their faith journey with encouragement and in safety.

We are also committed to the implementation of the Diocese of Guildford Safeguarding Policy and Procedures, and the relevant statutory legislation and guidance for the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

The diocesan policies referred to can be found here.

Contact details for our parish safeguarding representatives can be found on our Who’s Who page. If you have any concerns in this area, please contact one of the clergy, or one of the parish safeguarding representatives.

Photography policy

Photographs of church events are a wonderful record of special occasions, and help us to show the local community what goes on in our church. We are very grateful to everyone who sends copies of photographs to use for us to use on this website, in our parish magazine, and in other publicity. However, especially with the rise of social media, it is important that everyone can be reassured our photography policy will be followed.

We adhere to the Diocese of Guildford photography policy found in the safeguarding handbook. Those who attend services at St Mary’s are welcome to take photographs after services (e.g. baptisms and weddings) but not during these services. Official photographers may be taking photographs during some services and public events, and the consent of those who attend is assumed by their presence, in line with the diocesan policy (see below). At children’s activities which are not public events, parents will be asked to fill in Photo Consent forms if it is proposed that photographs will be taken.

The following quotation is from the diocesan photography policy in “In Safe Hands”, provided for ease of reference:

When planning community celebrations or public events, e.g. the crib service, a church fete, at which parents may wish to take photographs and/or professional photographers may be present, those attending should be advised of this in advance. If they decide to participate in the event, their consent to photographs being taken will be assumed.
In all other circumstances, the consent of parents and carers must be obtained before taking and using images of children and young people, and a chance to opt out must be given. Consent need not be in writing if it is not proposed to publish the pictures in any way, but if they are going to be displayed on a notice board, used in a parish magazine or put on the internet, then specific consent should be obtained using the Photo Consent Form in Section 4.

Lone working contact records

St Mary’s, Ewell, follows the Diocese of Guildford’s assessment process and record-keeping guidelines with respect to lone working (as published March 2015). Pastoral encounters, especially one-to-one contact with individuals, are recorded by members of our ministry team. Usually, it is only basic information that is recorded, i.e. the purpose of the meeting, time and place, who was present, and, when necessary, any safeguarding needs that arose. In line with the equivalent records kept in similar professions, these records are maintained indefinitely according to Diocesan Policy. Records are, of course, kept secure and confidential.

Key Management Policy

This policy was adopted in March 2016, and is in the process of being implemented in detail.

Annual Reports

St Mary’s Ewell is registered as a charity under the name of THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL PARISH OF EWELL
Registered Charity No 1128409