Complete revision of electoral (membership) roll

The electoral roll is the nearest thing the Church of England has to a membership list. Nothing to do with voting for politicians, it is a list of those who associate themselves with a given church. If you are on our roll you can vote at the annual meeting, and have rights in connection with marriage, funerals, burial, baptism, and pastoral visiting. It’s also a measure of how many people support the local church. This year the electoral roll has to start again from scratch. This mean everyone has to fill in a new form, whether or not you have been on St Mary’s electoral roll before.
Please consider joining the electoral roll. It indicates to the powers that be the number of people who feel a sense of belonging to St Mary’s. You need to be aged 16 or over, you need to have been baptized (i.e. christened), and prepared to say you consider yourself a member of the Church of England (you can belong to another church as well of course).